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? Why Should Your Farm Go Solar

Powering a farm with solar energy can benefit you and  your overhead costs, as well as the future. For example, a solar photovoltaic  system designed to offset the energy a water pump uses can save you thousands in energy costs over just a few months. Solar energy also stabilizes your electricity costs, insulating you from the volatility of energy prices and unpredictable energy bills.

:The full list of benefits includes

Protection from unpredictable energy costs.
Reduced carbon footprint.
Increased sustainability.
Lower dependence on fossil fuels.
And besides the above benefits there are also agronomics advantages for your crop as:
Protection from hailstorms.
Protection from heat waves.
Minimizing frost.
Minimizing condensation on the leaves.
Reducing the evaporation rates.
Basically, the main advantage of making your farm solar is that you will do a “double use” of the land, harvesting crop and energy solar at the same
The design of an Agri voltaic system will be take in consideration during the design of it the type of crop, workflow and the long term vision of the use of the land in order to insure the best synergy between both business.

3rd gen

3rd generation solar solutions

The ost solar cells that are present on the market are based on silicon wafers, they are called first-generation technology. 

Second-generation cells are thin-film technologies that are often commercially available, such as copper indium gallium and others.

Third-generation cells are less commercially advanced ‘emerging’ technologies.

This includes organic photovoltaics (OPVs), copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS), perovskite solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), and quantum dot solar cells.

During the past five years, organic and perovskite solar cells have reached points in their technological evolutions where large-scale deployment is now becoming possible.

It is however important to mention that both organic and perovskite solar cells, have the advantage to be processed by a great versatility of methodologies, including solution or vacuum processing techniques and printing manufacturing. Besides, both types of devices are built-in similar architectures and there is a growing trend for material from organic solar cells to be used in perovskite solar cells.

Basically, organic photovoltaic cells can give us the possibility of installing it in difficult surfaces (I.E. small radius bending) allowing us to maximize the total area of the absorbed solar energy.

In addition the transparency of the solar cells can be manipulated, giving the customers the option of making double uses as shading system and energy supplier.

Unikit energy is committed to apply such technology into our product list as main player for letting our followers to get the most innovating solutions in the world, and bring their investments to the Max.

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Unikit engineering holds a vision for a better world fuled by clean energy and powered by independent individuals. Unikit Energy aims to provide diy solutions and quality support aiding people, and businesses to maximize the way they harness solar energy

Founded on the idea that you can be self-sustainable, wherever you choose

You can hire a full service, including installation provider, you can build it yourself from start to finish 

And, lower your total energy costs while growing the return on investment much faster

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 Homeowners looking for return on solar investment. Installers, contractors or project builders who needs a reliable solar solutions with expert services, we will pair you with an experienced solar planning technician who collaborates working with you on a solution tailored to fit your needs.

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